Bulats language functions – demander quelque chose

Language Functions refer to the different situations where we use language. Often, the meaning of expressions we use is not easy to understand from the words of the sentence. For example, a person could say ‘I see what you mean but …’ and the meaning of the sentence is ‘I understand what you are saying but my opinion is different.’

In BULATS, your knowledge of Language Functions will be tested. You will see examples of Language Functions in the Reading texts and you will hear people use them in the Listening audios. They are also important in the Writing Test and the Speaking Test. If you can understand the different nuances of meaning, you will improve your score.

This exercise will give you examples of typical expressions that are used to ask for something, ask for permission, ask for information and ask for opinions effectively.


Asking for permission
Can I (leave work early)?
Could I (leave work early)?
May I (leave work early)?
Is it OK if I (leave work early)?
Could I possibly (leave work early)?
Do you mind if I (leave work early)?
Would you mind if I (left work early)?
I’d like to (leave work early), is that OK?
Would it be possible for me to (leave work early)?
Would it be all right if I (leave work early)?


Making a request (Asking for something)
Can I borrow (your phone)?
Can you lend me (your phone)?
I need some help with (repairing my car).
I don’t think I can (repair my car) on my own.
Are you good at (repairing cars)?
I heard that you are good at (repairing cars).
I heard that you know about (repairing cars).
Have you got time to (repair my car)?
Do you think you could help me to (repair my car)?
If you’re not too busy, could you help me to (repair my car)?
Would you mind helping me to (repair my car)?
Can I ask you to (borrow your phone)?
Do you have (a phone) that you could lend me?
Have you got (a phone) that I could borrow?
I need (to make a phone call). Can you help?
I’d be grateful if you could (lend me your phone).
If it’s not too much trouble, could I (borrow your phone)?
Are you any good at (repairing cars)?
Help me to (repair my car), will you?
I wonder if you’d mind helping me to (repair my car).
I have a favour to ask you. Can you help me (repair my car)?
Do me a favour, will you? Can you help me (repair my car)?
I was hoping you could (repair my car) for me.
If you want to help, you could help me (repair my car).
You don’t mind helping me to (repair my car), do you?
Any assistance you could give me in this matter would be gratefully accepted.


Asking for information
Excuse me.
Could you tell me (how to use this software)?
Would you mind telling me (how to use this software)?
Do you know (how to use this software)?
Where can I find information about (how to use this software)?
When can I (use this software)?
How can I (use this software)?
Something I’d like to know is (how to use this software)?


Asking for opinions

What do you think about (the merger)?
What are your views on (the merger)?
What do you feel about (the merger)?
What are your feelings about (the merger)?
What’s your opinion of (the merger)?
Do you have any views on (the merger)?
Do you agree with (the merger)?

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